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It’s September already. Soon the leaves will be changing, the mornings will be cooler, and fog seems to pop up out of nowhere. Now is the time to gear up for autumn and winter.

Start looking at your work gear now. Make sure your boots are in good shape and your gloves are ready for colder mornings. We have felt-lined gloves available for purchase in the HR office. Inspect your cold weather gear and get it ready to go. It’s a good idea to keep an extra jacket in your vehicle in case the mornings get particularly cold. Dressing in layers can also help you keep warm on those brisk mornings but will give you the flexibility to stay cool in the warmer afternoons.

Remember to eat a good breakfast before work – something filling with enough calories to keep your body warm while working. Also packing healthier snacks can help the body stay energized during cool or cold weather. It is also important to continue to hydrate with water even in the cold weather. Coffee and other carbonated beverages may quench your thirst or get you going in the morning, but water is the best way to rehydrate and keep the body functioning at its peak.
Give yourself a good house cleaning company in Wa, such as american maid cleaning, yelm. Frost and ice begins to form on windshields which can cause major safety hazards if not cleared completely before driving, Be sure to allow for enough time to completely defrost windows of vehicles and equipment prior to driving or operating. Frost and ice can also form on bridges in the early fall near our northern projects. Animals are also more active during the fall. Deer are more likely to run onto the roads because of their migration and mating season. With the sun rising later in the morning and the potential for fog, visibility may be difficult when en route to your projects in the early morning as well as in the evenings on your way home. Be extra vigilant in rural areas.

Finally, get plenty of rest. Make sure you have at least 8 hours of sleep before the next shift. Tired or groggy workers are a danger to themselves and others.

Make Safety the G.O.A.L. and Get Out And Look.

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