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Project Description

by Carol Whatoname

It can be very challenging to pack healthy alternatives to junk food while working out in the field. Here are a few tips that I used when I was working on the Diamond Bar job.


Healthy granola protein bars are quick & easy to help give your morning a little extra boost. e.g. Kind Bars, Quest Bars, Whey Bars

A thermos full of Green Tea keeps you warm and healthy.

Quick & Easy Breakfast Burrito Recipe:

Frozen bag of Potatoes O’Brien w/peppers, 2 cups in skillet with oil. When potatoes are almost done add 3-4 scrambled eggs. Microwave a large tortilla stuff with potato mixture add shredded cheese, salsa salt and pepper. Wrap in a paper towel then FOIL put in a Ziplock baggie. Truly stays warm longer.

Choose 1 or more daily fruit: Apple, Banana, Orange, Clementines, Grapes, Strawberries, Blueberries, Peaches. A great way to get fruit in is to make yogurt topped with granola and fruit. Choose 1 or more daily vegetables: Celery plain or scooped in peanut butter, carrots, cucumber, grape tomatoes.

Snack Ideas:

String Cheese, (colby/jack, pepper jack, sharp, cheddar cut in squares) with Wheat Thins, pretzels, pita chips, dried cranberries. plain almonds, jerky, and nut mix packages with dried fruit are yummy. Banana chips, single packages of Propel drink mix is a great boost when it is hot out and will help you replenish electrolytes. Also, always drink plenty of water when weather is COLD or HOT.

Getting in the habit of taking a daily multi-vitamin & Vitamin-C. Also, in the cold winter months it is amazing how well Emergen-C works to help keep your immune system in check.


Wraps with turkey, ham, roast beef or veggie, slice cheese, leaf lettuce with your favorite condiment are always filling, honey mustard is tasty. Multi-grain bread is also a great way to go for sandwiches.

TIP: Roll the wrap or sandwich in plastic saran wrap, then place in a Ziplock bag. This will help hold the softness and freshness longer. Leftovers warmed in a microwave before you leave your house in the am and placed in a medium sized thermos container will keep warm for a few hours. Chili Beans fits perfect in a thermos, pack a few crackers.

SALAD: Romaine, Iceberg, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, shredded cheese, croutons, just about anything you can throw in a delicious salad along with your favorite dressing.

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