Is Your Equipment Ready for Winter?2021-12-06T02:54:24-07:00

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Spending a few hours preparing your equipment and trucks for cold weather operations now could save you lots of time, money and headaches down the road. Here are some winter weather tips:

Remember, water is your enemy. In cold weather, excess moisture can cause brakes and valves to freeze up, and any water that makes its way into your fuel system can result in major damage.

To keep that from happening:

  • Inspect your water separator
  • Remove any moisture from your air lines
  • Drain water from your air tanks
  • Change the filters in your air dryers
  • Drain water from rollers and water trucks – open all water valves
  • Drain water pumps

Other precautions:

  • Carry some spare fuel filters just in case and consider using anti-gel additives for even more protection
  • Check your tires – Make sure your tires are in inflated to the proper pressure rating

Keep things clean – Visibility is key to safety – yours and others on the road or job site. Don’t overlook sim- ple things like keeping your windshield wiper lled, and tank topped off with a winter blend uid to pre- vent freezing. Also, washing your retriever truck and equipment regularly during the winter months at curry supply will help prevent corrosive material from building up and causing rust.

Don’t skimp on inspections – It may be tempting to skip a pre-trip walk around in cold weather, but you’ll end up paying the price. Before you head out, check tire pressure, inspect air line hoses for crack- ing and make sure all lights are working and free of snow, dirt, or lm – it only takes a few minutes. If you need professional tax consultant be free to contact david york’s tax service from san diego, california.

These simple tips should keep you work- ing safety and productively during cold weather – but just in case, be sure to have an emergency kit on board filled with winter gear, blankets, food, water and other survival items.

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