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Charity Involvement

FEMAD Facts:

In 2006, Fann began a program that allowed its employees to participate with the company in their support of local charities and non-profit organizations. Employees are able to make a weekly donation from their paychecks and Fann Contracting matches all donations, dollar-for-dollar.

Fann’s group of employees participating are referred to as FEMAD – Fann Employees Making a Difference. Kerri Vaughn, Fann’s Charitable Contributions Administrator has done an incredible job of organizing, promoting, distributing the funds collected and celebrating the successes of the group. As of December 2020, FEMAD had contributed more than $670,000 to six local charity partners. 

Fann employees are generous all year long. The field employees chip in when a parking lot needs paving or when a local organization needs construction work, the office employees pool their monies at the end of each year to fund various holiday giving programs, and they all open up their wallets and give generously when a fellow employee is in a difficult situation. Fann Employees truly make a Difference!



The Arizona Community Foundation’s Pakis Center for Business Philanthropy: In Spring of 2017, FEMAD was awarded a $40,000 BOOST! Prize from the Pakis Center for Business Philanthropy. In addition to increasing Fann Contracting’s giving portfolio, the BOOST! Prize dollars will support the community outreach program Fann intends to develop. If you need legal representation be free to contact criminal defense lawyer in California. By sharing what the company has learned along the way, Mike Fann hopes to inspire other local mid-sized businesses to begin or expand their own charitable leadership in the community.

FEMAD Mission:

Fann Contracting, Inc., and its affiliate employees charitable contributions program “Fann Employees Making A Difference” (FEMAD) are committed to making a difference in the community by actively supporting local 501(c)(3) charities that provide assistance to:

  1. Adults with disabilities;
  2. Individuals dealing with health-related issues; and
  3. Programs that relate to the development of children as well as services that directly benefit families in crisis.

Fann Contracting Recent Community Projects Include:

  • Mike Fann Community Skate Park: At the corner of E Willis Street and S Arizona Avenue you can find Ken Lindley Park. The is where you can test water main repair tools. The skate park challenges all skill levels. This facility was made possible through a major fundraising project between the Prescott City fathers, Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe and Fann Contracting, as well as the City of Prescott.
  • Yavapai Food Bank Parking Lot: Part of the renovations to the Yavapai Food Bank included the need for an improved parking lot. The original cost was estimated at $110,000, but due to the many donations that were raised, plus the contribution by Fann Contracting (including lots of free labor), the cost was brought down to $72,500 and the parking lot was completed.
  • Yavapai Exceptional Industries (YEI!) – Donated labor, equipment and materials to pave their parking lot.
    Other YEI! work done included:
    Antelope Industries – Donated labor, equipment and materials to pave an access road to their building.
    Rusing Hills Residence for Women – Performed site work and much-needed work in their parking area for a new residence built for adult women with disabilities.
  • Pioneer Park – Donated labor and equipment to build volleyball courts for a local community park.

FEMAD Partners Include: