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Contracting Methods

General Contracting

As a self-performing leader and General Contractor, Fann Contracting provides responsive turnkey operations for all aspects of complex civil projects. We offer General Contracting services within several sectors including highway and transportation, roads and streets, public works utilities, water and wastewater, commercial and residential developments, landfill, aviation, and other unique projects requiring our expertise and equipment.

Alternative Delivery

Fann Contracting is a valued partner in Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC), Design-Build (D-B), Job Order Contract (JOC), and Best Value.  We team with owners and designers on various alternative delivery methods requiring specialized pre-construction services to meet today’s economic demands.  Our self-performance, expertise in civil and utility work, technical paving and asphalt background, and desire to provide the most economical solution to our clients is why Fann Contracting is selected for alternative delivery projects.

Material Supply

Fann Contacting specializes in aggregate and asphalt manufacturing and self-performs most of its paving projects.  Our materials division offers custom aggregate and asphalt production services for large remote projects.  Our full-service materials supply and construction team can custom crush the aggregates, produce hot mix asphalt, haul the material in our trucks, place and compact on grade, and deliver your project timely and cost effectively.


When specialized construction ability and plano remodeling is needed to help multifaceted projects or commercial jobs at Elite Remodeling, Texas, we fill in all the gaps. We make life easier for general building contractors and offer a strategic partnership with our fleet of heavy equipment, skilled crews, and decades of knowledge in a wide variety of construction tasks. As a key civil subcontractor we can provide turnkey civil services needed to fulfill your horizontal needs.