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Apprentice Program

Fann Contracting Apprenticeship Program

We are currently looking for new applicants for our apprenticeship program! Please contact us at 928-778-0170 or by using the links at the bottom of this page.

Fann has a 3-year (6000 hr) Operating Engineer Apprenticeship Program. The program is registered with and monitored by the State Apprenticeship Office of the Department of Economic Security. (Please contact the state office at for any questions you may have.)

Fann’s Operating Engineer Program teaches a variety of skills that the company feels are necessary for the development of a well-rounded versatile operator. Apprentices are given opportunities to operate a variety of equipment including dozers, scrapers, backhoes, pavers, motor graders, rollers, loaders, and excavators and are allowed to choose a piece of equipment to specialize in. In addition, apprentices learn grade checking skills, traffic control, asphalt raking, pipe laying, and driving skills. Apprentices go through a number of classes, both self-directed and in the classroom. Safety skills are emphasized.

The Fann Contracting Apprentice Program gives preference to minority, female, disabled and veteran applicants who might not otherwise be given the chance to learn to operate equipment.

Email to request more information about the Apprentice Program. You may also use the form on our contact page or the online application form.