Fann Employees Making A Difference (FEMAD)

Giving Back To Our Local Community

In 2006, Fann’s Employee Giving Program known as Fann Employees Making a Difference, or FEMAD was launched. This program was created to promote making a difference in our community by having our employees join the company in their charitable efforts. Employees can voluntarily contribute to one or more of the six non-profit organizations we work with directly from their paychecks. Best part is that every contribution is matched dollar-for-dollar by the Fann family!

Our Mission

Fann Contracting, Inc., and its affiliate employee charitable contributions program “Fann Employees Making A Difference” (FEMAD), are committed to giving back to the community by actively supporting local 501(c)(3) charities that provide: Assistance to adults with disabilities, Aid to individuals dealing with mental and health-related issues, and programs contributing to the development of children that provide support and services benefiting families in crisis.

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Total FEMAD Donations

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(To Date 2023)

FEMAD Affiliates

Annual Giving Celebrations

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