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We recognize that our people drive our business and are our most valuable assets. Our safety programs support employees through training, effective engineering controls and procedures that foster protection of health and safety. We do everything possible to prevent workplace incidents and are committed to providing a safe working environment.

Safety must be integrated at all levels within the organization to develop an effective Safety Culture. Operations performed safely are productive and when the work is done safely everyone wins. We strive to provide an environment of open communications where employees can make suggestions for improvement and has the authority to stop work if an unsafe condition or behavior is observed. 

Each person is critical to the success of Fann, the local community, and their family. Together, we can prevent all incidents and injuries, and we can keep each other safe and healthy in the workplace. It is our goal to make sure our employees have the best chance for long and happy lives, on and off the job site. 


Safety is every employee’s responsibility from craft to CEO. Fann is committed to Safety First. We owe it to ourselves, our Fann family, and to every family member waiting at home, to hold safety above the desire to finish a job cheaper or easier, without exception.

Our Safety First mission means every employee does his/her part to identify potential hazards in an effort to avoid an accident, incident or injury, no matter how minor. Our Executive Management Team is devoted to providing all resources necessary to promote our Safety First culture. Upon award or during design, we review our plans for potential safety concerns and address them before the work can get started. Training is developed and carried-out on the jobsite and in the office to ensure we remain focused on our efforts. We routinely evaluate our project specific and company-wide safety processes to verify effectiveness and redesign as needed. As an organization, we all share in the responsibility to ensure everyone goes home!

There are many layers of our safety approach, including:
• Establishing a “Nobody Gets Hurt” mindset.

• Continuous Training, including in-house technical skills training and online safety training classes.

• Safety Director and Field Safety Manager and Trainer – These leadership team members establish the safety practices and procedures.

• Safety Briefings – Each workday will begin with a review of the work to be performed and include required safety practices regarding the equipment and work environment.

• 2-Minute Drills – These drills are performed at the start of the day, when a new task begins or after extended break times.

FANN Safety Recognition

Each year we recognize employees who have mindfully built safety into their daily practices. Employees who accomplished working accident-free during the year are recognized and receive Fann’s Annual Safety Award.

In addition to the Annual Safety Award, we recognize employees who have achieved significant safety milestones and contributed to the overall safety of the company with an Accident-Free Award.

On top of these prestigious awards, Fann employees are able to engage in recognition by voting for their peers who exemplify Fann’s Safety Values. First, second and third place recipient’s are recognized as the Safe Employee of the Year.

Each project sets measurable safety goals during start-up to focus on job-specific hazards. These goals, when achieved are communicated and celebrated company-wide to enrich our Safety Culture.

FANN Safety Committee

The safety committee was initially created as a panel of peers to provide post-incident review, fact finding, lessons learned and to stregthen our safety policies. Through this process, the company and employees learn about trends in our safety performance and means for incident prevention. Additionally, it allows a review and determination of “preventable” incidents not only by company management, but also by the employee’s peers.

The committee consists of employees from various positions and titles within the company, including office, field, shop, superintendents, project managers and company executives. All employees are encouraged to attend committee meetings. Each employee is an important asset to the review process, whether they are attending one meeting or all of the meetings.
In order to be considered part of the safety committee, employees must attend half of the monthly meetings throughout the year.

Safety Training Classes (Online & In-person)

Our online training program platform provides access to over 700 interactive, online safety and employee development courses! These courses employ situational examples, interactive simulations and precise imagery relevant to the workplace environments and industry hazards. This program also allows for continued education and enhanced job skills while also ensuring we practice social distancing when necessary. Utilizing both of these tools we are able to offer the employees flexibility of strengthening our Safety knowledge from home or on the road. This equates to limitless training opportunities for all of us!!


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