Safety and training are hallmarks of how we do construction at Fann Contracting. We recognize that our people drive our business.  As our most critical resource, our employees are safeguarded. This is done through training, provision of appropriate work surroundings, and procedures that foster protection of health and safety. We do everything possible to prevent workplace accidents and are committed to providing a safe working environment.

Fann Contracting promotes programs to help ensure safety. Critical safe behavior is rewarded through on-the-spot reinforcement, monthly giveaways, yearly honors, and profit sharing bonuses. Each person is critical to the success of Fann, the local community, and their family.  Together, we can prevent accidents and injuries, and we can keep each other safe and healthy in the workplace. It is our goal to make sure our employees have the best chance for long and happy lives, on and off the job site.

We offer our employees regular training to maintain the highest level of safety. Many of these classes are also offered to the public, depending on available space after registered Fann employees. For questions, please contact Fann Contracting at (928) 778-0170, ext. 109, or at

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