Highway & Transportation

We’ve constructed Arizona’s roadways for decades, including streets and highways for the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), local municipalities, and private developments.With thousands of miles of new road and highway infrastructure, we’ve built a reputation for successful projects, completed at reasonable cost and peak efficiency. Fann has earned unlimited pre-qualification to bid ADOT jobs, and continues to earn high-level bonus incentives from ADOT for highway smoothness and quality.


The demands of increased air traffic means airport improvements require very little down time while meeting stringent FAA specifications on all construction projects. Many rural airports in Arizona have been improved, expanded, or upgraded by Fann Contracting. With our experienced airport crews, asphalt and paving resources, and large equipment fleet we continue to provide airport customers with the level of service, quality, and accelerated approach to every airport project to minimize airport impacts and maximize value.

Specialty Projects

Fann Contracting specializes in unique projects from technical rock jobs to challenging site enhancement projects. We look forward to unique challenges whether it is a turnkey building/site project, work at a power plant, landfill, water tank, major hardscape improvements or any endeavor that fits our company’s skills and capabilities. Our experts are knowledgeable in environmental issues associated with landfill preparation and landfill closures, and developed a good working relationship with Arizona environmental officials as a result of that knowledge and experience. We bring a full complement of equipment and a highly skilled work force for just about any distinct construction project.

Private Development

Many private owners have an ambitious schedule when it comes to project construction. They also have a very keen attention to detail. At Fann Contracting, we have a lot of horsepower and we care about our work product. It doesn’t matter the need or scope of the project, whether it’s excavation, site improvements, blasting, paving, erosion control, storm drains, dry utilities, wet utilities, or other civil scope. Our experienced project managers and skilled crews are committed to meeting the high demands of your project.

Utility Infrastructure

The public rarely gets a glimpse of the subsurface infrastructure Fann builds to provide electricity, gas, water and sewer services to homes and businesses. But both owners and engineers know that the way underground utilities are constructed is critical to overall project success, whether those lines run beside a superhighway or into private residences. Our experience and commitment to quality ensures delivery of superior below-grade infrastructure that withstands environmental conditions and helps reduce maintenance costs for years to come.

Materials Supply

Fann Contacting specializes in aggregate and asphalt manufacturing and self-performs most of its paving projects. Our materials division offers custom aggregate and asphalt production services for large remote projects. Our full-service materials supply and construction team can custom crush the aggregates, produce hot mix asphalt, haul the material in our trucks, place and compact on grade, and deliver your project timely and cost effectively.

Materials Hauling

With a fleet of newer model trucks and a crew ready for delivery, Fann can bring your project materials to a destination of your choice. Our fleet for transporting materials includes belly dumps, side dumps, end dumps, and rock bottom trucks.